I Got It From My Mama Part 2


I hope you're having a great week so far. The following is Part 2 of my Mother's Day blog from last week. In case you didn't read the first one, this is an interview mama and I did via email without knowing what each other answered. This week I thought I share mama's interview. 

Hope you enjoy!

April xoxo

Dodie Osteen and April Simons-Interview Part 2



Dodie Osteen

Q. If you could steal one item from your daughter’s closet, what would it be?

A. April has so many beautiful clothes and she makes anything she wears look good. She is five-seven and since I am five-two, I probably would steal some of her jewelry instead. If I wore her shoes I would be six feet tall. She looks like a model in anything she wears.


Q. Would you say that your daughter is more like you or more like your husband?

A. April is probably more like me in personality. John was fun, but more serious. April and I laugh a lot and are not too serious when we are together. She got the ability and the anointing of her dad when it comes to preaching and teaching. She studies and is a great teacher. I am an exhorter, so we are different in that. She still plays her daddy’s video “Great it is to Dream the Dream” before she ministers.


Q. What’s one trait you wish you shared with your daughter?

A. April carries herself in a very lady-like and beautiful way. She is a role model for her daughters and is sweet and caring. I was made in God’s image and am His masterpiece, but I wish I had some of her finesse!


Q. Describe your mom in 5 words or less.

A. April is compassionate, caring, loving, giving and graceful.


Q. Do you have a funny story from ministering together?

A. When we were in Hawaii three years ago, Lisa, April and I were on a panel discussion. I like country music and always kidded and said I was going to marry a country legend. In this discussion, April said, “My mother says she is going to marry __________,” and called his name. The people went wild! I said, “April, what if he hears about this?”  Then the next night a Christian comedian came out with pigtails and a red headband.  I nearly fell out of the chair!



Q. What is something you enjoy doing together when you aren’t ministering?

A. April and I enjoy eating out and just talking when we are together. She loves coming to visit and going to church. We just love talking and sometimes shopping.


Q. What is the best advice your daughter ever gave you?

A. April is a very wise lady and I learn a lot from hearing her preach. She always encourages me and gives good advice.



Q. What’s the most embarrassing story your daughter has ever told about you?

A. There are so many embarrassing things April and all the children tell about me that I couldn’t list the all. One of them is when I was going to ask the people to stretch their hands out toward the map and pray in tongues for the world, but I said, “Stretch your tongues out to the world.” The people laughed so hard it ruined the prayer.


Q. What is something you hope to pass along to your children?

A. I trust that my children know that I feel like I am the most blessed mother in the world because I have them. I want them to remember that I tried to be an imitator of Jesus and that my passion in life is to see people healed like I have been.

Who needs a formal pic...how about an elevator selfie!

Who needs a formal pic...how about an elevator selfie!


Q. What are you most proud of your daughter for?

A. April wrote a book about me and surprised me with it several years ago. She honored me by presenting it to me at one of her Chik Nights. She tells things that made me cry that I hadn’t even noticed she knew. She has been a remarkable daughter and I am so proud of her. She will always be my baby girl, but ALL of my children are my favorites. I love you, April Simons!